Meet the Team


Andrew Pankhurst

Brand and Marketing Strategy

Role: developing the blueprints and plans to turn business strategy into brand propositions, engagement programmes and brand experiences.

Andrew has 20 years experience in brand strategy with a particular focus on brand positioning, definition and brand architecture development. Andrew brings industry-hardened skill sets and frameworks to bear – translating an organisation’s vision and business goals into a coherent brand idea, aligned to audience segments, drivers and business outcomes.

Andrew has recently been appointed a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).


Jono Ashman

Creative Director

Role: creative development for brands, visual identity systems, digital media, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Jono is a brand and advertising creative with more than 17 years experience in a wide range of areas including advertising and campaign creative, brand and identity development, creative direction, marketing, information architecture, user interface design, publication design and packaging. His work covers a wide range of government and corporate clients, and as creative lead he is responsible for concept creation and execution.


Michael Lockhart

Production Design & Sustainability

Role: guiding brands to achieve their environmental, social, and economic goals.

Michael is a design production expert, bringing more than 25 years experience in project, production, business, and design management. Michael’s particular forté is the planning, production and delivery of print and digital literature but he has worked on the successful completion of myriad projects including brand identity, packaging, signage, and online projects.

Michael is also an expert in sustainable design and practice through his work with Econation and the GreenKiwi Educational Trust. Michael advises clients on sustainable design and sustainable business practice in general.



Jeremy Takacs

Web & Software Developer

Role: building website and digital marketing platforms, apps and software solutions

Jeremy provides the technical foundation to the Syndicate’s digital and web projects.  Jeremy has over 20 years experience in software and web development, application development, systems administration and maintenance, and database design and development, working in NZ, Australia and Europe.