Things to consider

The most important principles for approaching brand strategy

Branding is a top-down initiative

Branding is often left as an activity for the marketing team but an organisation’s brand is driven by the vision and goals of the business. These are formulated and agreed upon by the owners/board and senior management. Brand projects should be led and supported from the top.

Branding is a holistic activity

Branding is everything that a business does. Successful brands will inspire and engage staff from the top down. Every part of a business must live up to the brand and everyone has a role to deliver the brand promises that are made by reflecting the personality, style and behaviour of the brand proposition.

Branding is aspirational

Brand strategies envision a desired future state, they are not a description of where we are at present. The challenge is to get all staff thinking about what’s possible and what needs to be done to get there.

Branding is multifarious

Brand strategy is often an exercise in aligning diverse, sometimes competing influences. This requires a combination of left and right-brain thinking. It will allow you to balance the emotional and the rational inputs. It allows you to balance consistency and spontaneous innovation. It also allows you to alleviate any reactionary influences from the organisation’s history and current state (how we got here) in order to move towards the desired future (where we’re going).