We worked with Site Safe to gain an in-depth understanding of the organisation, and the various behaviours and industry pressures that contractors work within. Through a programme of industry interviews and site visits, it became apparent that contractors need expert guidance on day-to-day management requirements, as much as health and safety skill sets.

We developed a strategy based the idea of ‘every step matters’. For Site Safe, ‘every step matters’ translates into the importance of every action on-site to maintain safe outcomes, as well as the importance of playing a guiding role through training and development, business planning, and legislative requirements. Finally, ‘every step matters’ extends to the service model to deliver clear solutions and confident action.

The logo shows Site Safe acting as a guide, reflecting the certainty Site Safe members have when guided by Site Safe’s people, training and expertise. The chevron device carries on the image of definitive, staged action that is the ‘every step matters’ brand story.



SSF Mockup-Computer-02

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