Link Engine Management

Exhilaration in motor sport starts here

Link Engine Management is a technology developer and exporter based in Christchurch that is a significant international player in the motor sport industry, exporting to over 40 countries.

The brand development started with the idea of “Exhilaration by Design”, to capture Link’s promise of expertly designing and delivering the ultimate experience and emotion of performance sports, and that exhilaration is the result of talent, passion, creativity,
 and team work.

The brand idea was developed into the personality of the speed-crazed genius, to vividly announce Link as the Laboratory of Speed – the
world-leading institute where exhilaration is forged.

The identity was then extend across an entire brand platform – print, packaging, web and livery – to support existing international sales territories and growth into new regions.

The Syndicate is a collective of the best thought leaders in marketing strategy and branding. They’re agile, active and scale their level of engagement to meet your requirements. The Syndicate have now conducted two ‘whole of brand’ exercises and a number of smaller sub-brand activities for me in several different companies. They have always delivered great results.

Andy Millard
Managing Director, Link Engine Management