How we work

Brands, and the marketing programmes that deliver them, exist to deliver value – to consumers, staff, society and ultimately to the bottom line.

To help clients achieve these results, we focus on three key disciplines.

Brand Strategy

The plan for creating value for both consumers and the business.

Brand Assets

Developing the core branding tools for long-term impact and relevance.

Marketing Performance

Deploying through an integrated programme of channels and tactics.

1. Brand Strategy

Value creation starts with alignment to ensure a strong internal logic between your vision, strategy and brand:

  • vision starts with purpose – why you exist, who you are and the needs you fulfil,
  • strategy is built around your value proposition – understanding why people buy from you and the goals your brand fulfils is fundamental to guide the choices of where to play and how to win.

Once the stage is properly set from a business and consumer perspective, we then work with you to decide how brand and marketing outcomes will deliver value throughout your organisation.

Our Business Value Index is a proprietary planing tool that ensures we focus together on the goals and areas of value generation that are most effective, rather than ad-hoc campaigns and communications.

2. Brand Assets

Brand assets are a set of tools that ensures a distinctive and consistent set of perceptions, experiences and memories are built and anchored with your audiences.

Our brand asset model ties together the six essential resources that equip brands to communicate effectively and establish strong and lasting positions.


3. Marketing Performance

Our Marketing Performance Programme is a collaborative process with an emphasis on evidence-led marketing and tracking results.

We work with you to build a fit-for-purpose programme that integrates traditional and digital marketing techniques and builds internal capabilities and effectiveness.

Tactics and content are then delivered through an execution plan, including support and mentoring for your in-house team.


Our Services


Branding and marketing, like any business process, relies on a solid base of insight and evidence. We work with clients to build the optimal mix of research activities from high-level strategic inputs, to targeted deep dives into consumer behaviour and decision making.

Business Value Cycle

Our first task is to ensure a plan with strong alignment, from vision and purpose, through the key ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ strategic choices, the consumer value proposition, customer and sales channels, and client staff. Value Generators for sustainable growth and impact are then developed for on-going review.

Brand Strategy

We start with the brand idea to provide an anchor for long-term meaning and expression. The supporting Naming, Story and Architecture then provide market-ready structure and alignment. Brand Identity develops the visual assets, images and messages, and the Experience Plan defines the consumer experience, interfaces, culture and service expectations.

Brand Identity

Brand identity delivers the distinctive visual and verbal assets, starting with the logo and design system, through to images, messages, templates and guidelines.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is developed to balance activity across the key funnel stages (awareness, acquisition, retention) along with supporting objectives such as channel development, media and investor relations. These stages are integrated with digital marketing techniques and measures such as analytics, SEO and SEM to provide additional evidence for Value Review cycles.